Synfig should use cmake when it comes to cross-compiling.

1.Windows devs aren’t forced to use mingw as a compiler.
2.Easier to set up.
3.Can be used to eliminate the dependency nightmare.

Agree or disagree?

I was stuck in Autohell for a while when trying to update the build scripts, so I would second any decision to move Synfig away from Autotools and towards CMake – or another build system e.g. SCons. My reasons have primarily to do with the difficulty of understanding the build scripts rather than anything from the user perspective.

The problem is that in order to change the build system, we will need someone who understands how the existing one works (and knows CMake well enough to port it over). I don’t, and I remember hearing that some of the other people around were similarly confused by Autotools.

I’ve been reading cmake documentation lately digging if it is feasible to migrate to cmake. I think it is possible and recommended because the only past person that dominates autotools is pabs and I don’t believe he would return in a mid term.
But as nikitakit mentioned, those two conditions are not met by me or by him. I’ve talked to eldruin about that issue and he thinks that cmake is a good change and a chance to spread out the project for windows and mac.
I suggest to cover those aspects (synfig code understanding and cmake better domain) before try a transition. Meanwhile the studio code revision by nikitakit is a good exercise and needed to do for core too. Transition for cmake must pass by that step.

I’d also voice support for CMake. As I understand it, it would be a stepping stone to get to a Microsoft build and debug environment.
Right now, under windows, debugging is reduced to throwing in print statements. There’s no way to tackle advanced tasks like making Synfig thread safe under Windows. There’s a lot of tools we could use to make Synfig waaaaay more robust under Windows, if we had an alternative to automake…

just post a link as one ref when we start switch to cmake,

This still happening? I use CMAKE a lot when building Blender and it is a useful tool.

If you have cmake experience, maybe you can help us on migrate to it.

When I have time I will :wink: I’m pretty busy with my own projects. I do plan on trying to contribute to Synfig. I wish it had the active developer network and community Blender has…not sure how that could be changed.

Great news! When you come in, please let me know.

Do you have an email? Was going to private message you, but it seems that isn’t enabled. I’d really like to see what I can do to help spur development and growth. I operate some Blender training and information sites. I’d be willing to do the same for Synfig. And I was wondering about if doing a Kickstarter fund after laying out a plan on a set of features to bring Synfig to a more useable level would be useful.

Check yours.