Synfig rendering farm: under 15 seconds for all of us


While reading the new Synfig demo reel post, I thought about setting up a rendering farm for Synfig users. Here are some figments of my imagination, as to how Synfig could be synonym to “under 15 seconds rendering” for all its users in 2015 (or even 2012 :slight_smile:.

Shortly put: a rendering farm harnesses a few (up to hundreds of) computers to jointly render the same project (read: “synfig animation”), providing the result far quicker.

My story would be:

Some more details:

  • Synfig defines whether it’s best “farming” the rendering or not, and an efficient amount of nodes, from a first assessment of the complexity & length of the scenes, “internet connectivity speed test” and (dynamic) list of available nodes.
  • P2P protocols (such as private torrent) could be used to share resources and identify available nodes, instead of direct upload.
  • benefactors could give some resources of their (unused) Amazon EC2 servers (or other cloud resource) to the Synfig community for free.
  • the rendering service could be seen as an exchange: you only get to use it if you share your CPU as well. Some “ratio” could be computed to prevent obvious abuses (similar to some P2P mechanisms, per user/IP/other).
  • further options could define whether resources are directly deleted from nodes or kept for some hours as a new rendering job is expected soon with the same resources.
  • it obviously should work great on an Intranet with a few machines, as well.
  • background rendering must never crash the node.
  • some quota/limit on CPU / disk could be defined to protect the node, even if not much disk space would be needed.
  • some protection mechanism could be set up for “confidential” projects, to prevent access/reuse of their resources & rendered frames from the client and connection spying. traditional encryption could do.

Some links that may inspire you:

Wow, I’ve been toying with this same idea for about a year or two now. Not specifically for Synfig, I was thinking aobut a general purpose animation render farm based on peer to peer. (clients reports which animation software they can use)

My problem is that I dont know any programming beyond bash scripting so I would probably never do anything about the idea.

Great to see that someone else had the same idea. I hope you pull it off. It would be a sweet feature for sure!

fyi I’m trying to get in touch with the DrQueue devs, via a feature request to support Synfig.

I haven’t used DrQueue myself, I never succeeded in setting up a renderfarm with it.
Shouldn’t DrQueue Synfig support be as easy as writing a job script for Synfig? I had the impression that DrQueue is very versatile in what software it supports through job scripts. … JobScripts

Another point here, is DrQueue still developed? Judging from it’s site there haven’t been much activity since 2005/06.