Synfig quits by itself several times

I am a little sad because this software has quit by itself several times in the morning. Is it because I use too many group layer?

I was copying saber teeth, and then the software quit without any prompts.
This confuses me. :upside_down_face:

You better save your project as often as possible.

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Also deactivate autosave.
And don’t forget to tell us which version/OS/bitness you use.

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Ok, I will try this.
I downloaded the 1.4.0 64-bit installer on fosshub.
My computer system is windows10 home edition 64-bit, the version is 19042.906.

Copying and pasting? or drag and dropping?

But after I turned off the auto-save option, I have used it for half an hour now and everything is fine.
And the saber teeth have been done by copying and pasting and dragging.