Synfig Open Film

Have Synfig taught about doing there own open film project kinda like blender is doing right now which is under CC0. The goal would be to make a 5 minute animated film for about 20,000 dollars using crowdsourcing.

I wouldn’t mind doing something like this as I’m still experimenting with the animation process. It might be a great way to show off some works.

Could I get some more input on this? What do you the Synfig community think about this?

Who are the animators? Who’s directing this? Who are the script writers?
You can’t just say “Let’s make an animated film using synfig” without thinking about the details of making the film.

The monthly crowd-sourcing for the development for the Russian developer reaches around 1,000 dollars. What audience do you have in mind that would gladly funded a 20,000 dollar film? Saying “It’s a animated film using synfig”, isn’t convincing enough for people to help funded a 20,000 dollar project.

Wuffle earned 10,000 dollars from its Campaign … olf-year-2 and Mauroz is pretty popular so we are targeting those audiences. For the people thats the job of the Synfig community to decide.

You’re not being realistic here, you can’t expected “the community” to decide when they have a range of different opinion on things. A popular license alone isn’t sufficient enough for convincing people to help funded 20,000 dollars project.
You need to stop talking in 2nd person as if everyone here agrees with you with your decisions.
Who’s managing the budget anyhow? You? Why do you need 20,000 dollars anyhow?
These questions are essential and you can’t just ignore/cop-out them by saying " Oh the community will figure out".

I ain’t managing the budget if you hire 1 good animator to work on a project for 3 months it will cost roughly 10000 dollars. Then there is also the issue of kickstarter/indiegogo fees and not to mention it would take at least 5000 dollars to improve Synfig.
I am only presenting an idea its the Synfig community’s decision whether to implement it or not.

Then who is?

Who’s hiring this animator? Who’s gonna keep the animator in check when it comes to quality control? Are you paying him per/month/day/hour?

Instead of opposing an idea with questions with no alternate possibilities how about looking at it as a whole. The idea is valid, but as questioned holds no weight behind it to actually become realized. But the community itself has yet to express their ideas since essentially there are only three people posting here -.- For this idea to be realized it would take a group of people who are willing to organize and create this along with all the concerns of questions of how, why and when this undertaking would happen. On the opposite end, for people to fund this would require more than a few straggling animators who come on and off on the forums and the few that view this website. It would require advertisement on a global scale and the attention of those people who even care about funding the project. Essentially as far as I have seen this is possible, but not now since, as I know as of now, people believe they need schooling and need to be within the industry to have these tools. I am working as fast as possible to make animations to post on youtube and hopefully other sites to spread word of synfig’s existence since it has great tools for animation. But we need to be known first before this can be done.

Asking valid questions is now considered to be opposing? We talking about FILM PRODUCTION here. That’s completely different from software development, that I’m familiar with. Ideas are essential worthless if you have no means whatsoever to put it into fruition.

This community is small BTW, very small. (Around 10 active people per month max)

If we get either mauroz or wuffle to agree with this then the advertisments will come by themselves. Wuffle is one of the top sellers on inkblazers and making an original version of Mauroz’s Mlp Human comic would get Synfig big publicity from equestriadaily and probably animenewsnetwork

After taking all that you mentioned into consideration its possible. Although waiting for permission from Wuffle or Mauroz might take longer than necessary when we could already be working on it. But after looking through and equestriadaily it would be better to do our own comics and have the funds directed to synfig itself from inkblazers. The only problem that remains is the continuity of the comics as inkblazers state in their FAQ that for funds to be given the comic must be in featured or premium tier and therefore must be continually updated which I cannot do alone in the long run. I’ll see if I can conjure a few pics and post them 7/5/14 to see if it will bring about some incentive from others to help start this.

To make serious money from inkblazers $200 per month guranteed requires to be a prenium member … -page/8155
Featured get $20 per month guranteed.

We may still need to find alternatives. Youtube monetization might be decent as people actually use it to support themselves, but I never really got a straight answer on how much they pay. Then there has to be other supporters since synfig wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t funded to keep it going. Plus there is supposed to be a paid “class” within the website last time I visited on that might be worth advertising. Otherwise we may have to go to plan z and…sell synfig cookies :cry:

Blip Tv pays better.The first thing we need is a site prefarbly using namecoins for .bit domains.

A little more discussion would be nice

Do you expect other people to solve your problems when it comes to the film production?

That depends. Right now the goal for this topic is brainstorming.

Ideas we got
Make a comic with 15 pages per month on inkblazers using Synfig so that it can become a prenium comic with money made from it used on this film.

Monetization on youtube

Selling Synfig cookies?

Good, now go and find out how you do all those things, then come back here and share your findings to take your discussion further.

If I ask piti yandee or mauroz for permission and get a yes who is going to be the one responsible for managing this project?