Synfig on Windows

Hi everyone.

I’m an animator who think that synfig is a great project who can become the best animation program but i’m thinking of use a another software for my animations.
The reason is that i use Windows on my PC and it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to use synfig.
First, this bug whom come when i’m trying to change the size of the windows.
And too, i can’t import image, place bones like i want or do anything i see on certain tutorials on youtube. I’m very pissed off of this, and i request the developer to do something for the windows version of synfig.

In the tutorial video of Konstantin Dmitriev, i see a version of synfig in black with all windows in one, and some interesting features like skeleton but when i download the latest version i don’t see any of these features and i have a design who is not suitable for me.

I would like to have a version like the version he use on Windows, and who will also be stable. Please, i know that synfig is great, but if the version of windows is always like that, the most people will keep thinking that synfig is less good adobe than flash or toon boom or these other paying software.

Sorry if my english is bad, i’m a french people and i don’t speaking englsih well.

The Windows bug is well known, and is being worked on. Hopefully version 0.65 will be more stable in Windows. This is the main reason I’ve switched my work envrioment from Windows to Linux. For now I would recommend going back to an earlier version, like 0.63, that doesn’t have the window resize bug.

As for the features in Konstantin Dmitriev’s videos, those are available in the nightly builds, but these are not stable, and not recommended for actual production. These are features that should be in the 0.65 version when it becomes available.

The thing to keep in mind with Synfig is that it is still in the development phase, not even at the beta stage yet. It is also a labor of love. A very limeted number of dedicated people are working in their spare time to bring this program to all of us. Occasionally they’ll get enough money from fund raising to hire a programmer full time, or to work on a specific feature.

If you need stability, and a specific toolset to produce your animations, then you might want to consider an established program like Flash or Toonboom. If you want to encourage the development of an open source alternative, you have to have patience, and be willing to work with or around the bugs and gliches.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply. It’s true i don’t have patience but i’m very interesting by synfig and i would want to help like i can. I hope that the next version will be better.
I will try the elder versions in waiting for the 0.65
Thanks again for your reply, this help me a lot.