Synfig on Sun Solaris?

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to build Synfig under Solaris x86 (with Gnome installed by default), I’ll put three questions:

  1. During the ./configure step I get the message that gtkmm 2.4 is required. I just can’t find that package around… I don’t understand if it refers to a synfig package (to build and install separately, in such case I’d expect to find it in the Download page) or it’s a “system” package available on the Internet. Any suggestion ?

  2. Does anybody out there has managed to build under Solaris, and documented that ?

  3. Gcc is not installed but the configure script doesn’t complain. Is there any dependency that links the code to the GNU C compiler ?

Thank you all for any suggestion. Great work.

Hi mesco jazz,

  1. gtkmm is the C++ interface to GTK+. If you don’t find a pre-built package you can build it by your self. Synfig Studio (the GUI to create animations) uses gtkmm libraries.
  2. I have not notice that anyone had tried.
  3. Weird it should complain.

It is awesome that you try to build Synfig in Solaris. Please, please post here your progresses.

Hi Genete, thank you for your help,
the problems derive from the fact that Solaris 10 depends on pre built packages in a proprietary format (downladable from where you can’t always find the most recent versions.

In fact every time I launch the ./configure script it says that some dependencies are not installed, so I go for the sources and attempt to build that package myself, and the cycle starts over :stuck_out_tongue:
These days I’m very busy studying the Synfig internals, I’ll return to Solaris in a week or so, you’ll get updates on this process.

P.S. Just a curiosity: How come in synfig we have important parts of the program in a directory named gtkmm, if that’s already the name of a famous library? Wouldn’t this make things even more confusing?

Ha! that’s one of the multiple questions a lot of people have. Maybe it could have be named just “GUI” because there are defined all the visual interface of the synfigstudio with the user. The non visual interface that interacts with the guts of the synfig-core is in synfigapp folder. Good question that only can be replied by the original Synfig creator.

Good luck with the Solaris thing.