Synfig newbie - MrBouzouki

Hi, Pete aka MrBouzouki in my musical endeavours on Soundcloud et al.

My journey to using Synfig starts in my music and then lockdown where I started getting into Vector Graphics using Affinity Designer. As with all my projects I need a focus so my character ‘Vector Owl’ was born.

Messing around with Blender I looked at creating an animated intro using Blender in 2D mode and a brief piece of music that I composed for it. Fast forward to the present and I now have a redesigned owl with rotatable head and a full theme tune composed. I then was looking at what software to use for animation and stumbled upon Synfig. It seemed easier to get my head around than Blender. So my current workflow is using Synfig then Shotcut to create a final output.

I’m certainly not an artist although I am probably more artistic than some, I’ve played and been involved for years with music and I’m an active Soundcloud user. I’ve spent a lifetime in scientific research so I have been involved with computers since the 80’s so I can find my way around a program and I use a science-based approach to problem solving. I like tinkering with raspberry pi’s and Debian nowadays too.

I’m enjoying working through the issues of creating my very own animated cartoon. I have plenty of ideas and since I’m retired I have more time than most.

I’m hoping if I get really stuck somebody might be able to point me in the right direction and hopefully I can be of help / give support to others.


Hi and welcome to the forums,

Synfig supports custom formulas to create automatic animations which might be useful to you given your scientific background, check out what is implemented here: Convert - Synfig Animation Studio
The documentation isn’t in a very good shape, so yeah, feel free to ask.