Synfig misses lots of features


when in a Inkscape discution about how it can have animation implemented, most people used to point me Synfig

I tried Synfig, but it seems to miss lots of features i think i consider useful:

  • import/export .swf files
  • import/export .svg frames sequence, and/or .svg animations
  • a realtime .sif synchronized text window, just like the html editor in Dreamweaver, or the xml editor of Inkscape (this is hugelly useful for productivity)
  • choosing colour from gimp/inkscape palettes, very useful when you need some colour comformity of what you’re doing
  • and there are more i’m not recalling now…

a huge goal would be if we have on Synfig the power we don’t have on Adobe/Macromedia’s Flash, ToonBoom, Moho, etc.

what do you think?

If you would like to implement those features, we will be glad to accept your patches! Since we only have one developer, and a few people writing patches, it will be unlikely these things will be worked on unless you do so.

Please don’t forget to add your feature ideas to the wishlist page:

just one developer? Synfig dev really needs help! :open_mouth:

my problem is my coding humble skills are not enough for a significant help on development…

please let me know of how can i do for helping…

features at wishlist wikipage added! thanks letting me know! :slight_smile:

If you are interested in helping out with development, check these links out:

Then come join us on IRC:

And send in some patches!