Synfig Logo for the Forums

what about to replace the phpBB logo by the one of Synfig? :slight_smile:

  • replace the site_logo.gif by the one in attachment

  • replace padding values in

.imageset.site_logo { background-image: url("./images/site_logo.gif"); padding-left: 308px; padding-top: 68px; }
Cheers :mrgreen:

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I am not a moderator, but I totally support the idea.
I would also remove the “Synfig Project Forum/Forums for Synfig Project” with just “official forum” because it’s obvious from the logo itself.

I have sent an email on the dev ml.

Hello! It seems to be with this approach the logo will be overwritten on every upgrade of PhpBB?


you could duplicate and modify the default theme:

  • duplicate and rename the directory named prosilver to prosilversynfig (in path_to_phpbb_forums/styles/)
  • do the modification of the files as described before
  • modify path_to_phpbb_forums/styles/prosilversynfig/style.cfg (just change the line strating with “name”)


  • Customize/Install style, select and install it
  • Customize/Styles, select the details of prosilversynfig and set yes to “Active” and “Make default style” and validate
  • Now click on “Deactivate” for “prosilver”

The new theme should be now available for everyone and preserved between updates;)

Hello, BobSynfig! Is it OK if I give you administrative permissions so you can do all those actions? I am a bit busy right now… ^__^"

Hi Konstantin,
in order to install/modify phpbb theme, administrative permissions on the forums would not be sufficient
It would mean to give me access on the host machine (at least ftp on the “” directory for upload of a modified theme, or ssh for direct copy/paste/modification).
It can wait :wink:

K: i think that could be a very good idea if BobSynfig agree !

  1. Less todothings for you

  2. More “i can do it” people for the project.

That’s exactly what I was talking about. :slight_smile: I can give you FTP access to phpbb files.

If everyone is ok, ok then :slight_smile:
Thanks for your trust :mrgreen:
K., you know how to contact me

Done! :slight_smile:

Yipa … another one able to broke something in synfig,
welcome to that charge Bob :wink:

Thanks guys, I promise I will be careful :laughing:
The update after modification takes a bit of time due to the “refresh” of the cache of Cloudflare (a few hours) but it works :wink:

Hipa! finally !!!

well done bro’b

With the original banner it looks even better :mrgreen:

Nice work with the banner. Much better than the original one.
Heil Bob!

Looks great. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I like so much the new look. Great work, BobSynfig. : )

It would be nice, too, to have a tag to embebed Youtube (and so) videos directly. : )

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
Fenix, I will have to investigate a validation solution to avoid XSS. (see … m-xss.html)