Synfig lag

Big lag in Synfig :neutral_face: , 4ghz procesor, 1gb video card :confused: help

Could you elaborate a little?
In what way does it lag? When does it lag? What version do you have installed? How did you install Synfig? What system do you run?

I using windows xp, version synfigstudio-0.63.04. I watch examples eye.sifz and when i click play from 1s lag to 5s.
can not even look.The computer can not become stuck just hangs synfig studio.Maybe that has something to prevent jams.
Dnd sometimes get stuck at all, throws the following error.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>

Synfig Studio windows version is slow. Really slow. The eye.sifz is a killer sample in most of computers and hardly plays smooth in any computer with all the effects turned on. Please Try to increase pixel size on low resolution display (magnifier icon with pixelated inside) and set the quality to 10 (no effects) to improve a little the performance in windows.

Reduces the quality, but too bad now can be seen on a Linux work better?

Actually it looks like it is better to use virtual machine with Linux such as vmware when you’re using synfig, performance really will be better :slight_smile:

maybe you have serious plan for windows xp 2d animation software

I’m glad I found this topic.
So, I’m having the same problem with Synfig in Windows. :unamused:

Every time I play the preview it keeps jumping a lot.
I was wondering if it was my computer, Synfig, a setting that I didn’t do, or the project that was becoming too big. (Or maybe all - LOL)

I use windows for work… I have another machine with Linux, I’ll try it this weekend.

So, just to let you guys know my results. This weekend I tested Synfig with Ubuntu on a USB drive, it worked perfectly. Everything in high speed and all the playbacks in normal visualization. So I ended up installing Ubuntu on the machine.
Glad to know that the problem was with my Operating System.
All the best.