Synfig in web 2.0

I have search in a Synfig Group for more then 1 hour to be sure that does not exist something similar before I create it.
the website is already full of Synfig animations and trials, but not collected and organized

Link to the Vimeo-Group:
if there are some responses and uploads we will create the related Channel with the best of :wink:

I will need also help moderating it, let me know if you want to add / change something, or join to partecipate!
Maybe we can have a challenge to create header or banner the people can use to promote synfig, like you do with the splashscreen… will be for example used for this vimeo’s group&channel…but this I propouse in the challenge suggestion page
Alice aka Headsquatter

Great initiative!
I joined the group and will probably upload something later.

oh I m so happy that somebody like the idea!
I got already some responses also from the vimeo community :slight_smile:
I was afraid to be too fast, without ask for opinions or permission…
but I thought that is the destiny of open source to be developed "out of control " :wink:
—aniway this group is an open space, I search for moderators …and so on
if the idea is not appreciated could be created also an OFFICIAL channel with the full name of “Synfig Animation Studio”.
and forgot my own :wink:
Next step will be to create a channel, where to collect the best of, I will use free voting to deicde what to put in there.
If we connect the voting pool of this forum with a link you will get more people in the community.

Vimeo is used also for tutorial, but I think synfig tutorial should pass by the official website and forum to be collected, I will add a thread with the links to the forum about that :wink:

WhY I made?
I have reed the discussions about “why Synfig is not famous as the big project it is”, and people speack about usability graphic interface, I dont find synfig difficoult to use, I mean almoust all of us have created theyr own first synfig animation ithin one day!
I think is only social engine that make the things famous, Synfig is a tool and the normal user is not asking to himself “is that cool?” they take what the market propouse, and use it. they will learn strange interfaces and new shortcut if the result come out good (and it is!).
But to promote the software its important, I knew Synfig too late… I would have partecipate since the first day! so lets be the publicist of our own future!

if you know other web 2.0 services that match the Synfig topic tell us!
Ciao Alice