Synfig in SitePoint article

Synfig got mentioned in a SitePoint article about putting together an open source creative suite. The only downside is that it got mentioned as sort of a substitute for Flash, which - in my opinion at least - is not really a good way to think of Synfig. But at least it’s publicity! :smiley: … -software/


yeah, it’s good, but i think that tagging it as an alternative to Flash will mislead people to think that Synfig has something familiar with Macromedia/Adobe’s Flash, the closest program i know it’s actually like Flash is Flash4Linux, F4L, which got discontinued and abandoned at least not maintained anymore, perhaps Adobe sent assassins or something to track the original developer, for sometime Ktoon was also mentioned as one of the best alternatives to Flash, while it lacked of an script alternative to AS, most of it’s tool were familiar for users used to Flash, downside is that last release didn’t supported tweening, action script and .swf were raster bitmaps inside a flash file, the Ktoon site is now under construction and things, saying something they will make a great return, i hope they are telling the true.

i don’t really think, nor know a program or software that you can say Synfig would replace, Anime Studio and ToonBoom are the closest thing i can think and i still would not say Synfig share the same objectives as them. but as you say publicity is publicity

There has never been - at least in the last several years since I’ve been paying attention - any sustained interest in the open source community in putting together a real Flash alternative. I think that, going forward, there will be even less interest as html5 starts to take hold, since you won’t need a swf file to manage high-level interactivity and animation (which is already true to a great extent). I just watched this css3-based animation:

(Note: You’ll need Chrome or Safari to see the animation; in FireFox, it plays like a slide show.) The animation is crude, but nonetheless stunning when you realize it’s all done with html and css3. And it looks a lot like a flash animation from ten or twelve years ago.

Anyway, if this article has any reach, Genete should probably get ready to answer a bunch of questions about how to make clickable buttons and so forth in Synfig. :open_mouth:


i think he will when he can, he is trying to spend as much time as he can on the new build
i agree with you, but as a long-time user of Macromedia’s best product i have to admit that i always missed a program that at least allowed me to develop interactive content in Linux, now that we have faster connections and sites for upload video files we can do fancy animations in Linux, but in my opinion i still find hard to make interactive content as i would do in Flash, HTML5 looks promising, i’ll be looking forward for the first applications for Linux taking advantage of it