Synfig fundraising campaign

Hello, everyone!

I am happy to announce that we have launched a fundraising campaign for Synfig!
Please check it out -

Most of you probably aware that (for the first time in Synfig history!) we have hired a full-time developer in August - Ivan Mahonin. He is works on Synfig code right now and I’m running this campaign to establish a funding for his further work. Please read a full campaign description for details.

Notice, that it’s not just a fundraising - it’s a great chance to control the direction of Synfig development. I mean, real control.
It is also a chance to attract investments to Synfig development.

So, everyone! I really want Synfig to be developed faster. That’s my goal. Do you want?
Support the campaign, spread a word around, let’s keep the development running!

I will be happy to answer all your questions below. :slight_smile:

I just have one question: If only a perk is picked up and the foundation goal is not reached, would that perk will be done?

All perks are valid even if funding goal is not reached. ^^
You could think of it as a shop. ^

I have some perk ideas.

Custom Vector
Vector made from scratch in Synfig

Traced Vector
A vector of an image you provide made in Synfig.

Small Animation
Animation less than 1 minutes.

Long Animation
Animation up to 2 minutes

Character Template
Your Character vectored and rigged in Synfig.

Also how about a better video. A video that demonstrates Synfig’s features and you talk about your self and Synfig.

Openshot is a nice example of a successful open source campaign … f=category

Some other perks would be a video chat with you and a 30 minute and 1 hour private video lecture in which you teach about Synfig.

Synfig not the only open source animation software doing crowd sourcing … r-everyone

Cool, hope there’s enough interest to support this on a monthly basis.

You have reached more than half your stretch goal how about making an update thanking the funders?


How about adding improving vectoring tools as development priority?

We can discuss alternative priorities/features if you are really ready to pay for them. :slight_smile:

BTW, we have launched the campaign for November - … /x/2188395

The campaign for December is launched -

Share with your friends and help us to reach the goal! Thank you.

UPDATE: In the very first day our fundraising campaign got an unexpected twist. We have received a donation of $300 from an “anonymous” person. He leaves the “Choose Priority” perk unclaimed and puts a suggestion:

For sure, changing the game rules this way wouldn’t hurt and such generosity is highly appreciated. :slight_smile:
Let’s keep it up!

I have an idea for getting more donations which is inspired by BubbleGum Crisis Kicksarter. I think we should make a list of sites/people that we should tell this Kickstarter about and have a press release like this … edia-goals
My suggestion is Frederator studio … the-series

A press kit might help the Synfig funding campaigns kinda like this

How much do you reckon I would have to pay for a better keyframing system?

The current one on synfig for me is extremely unusable and it feels like I’m wasting my time alot my duplicatnig many key frames etc.

I would like there to be support for box selecting many keyframes as once, then being able to manioulate them.

The manipulations I would like is to be able to copy and paste, and delete <-- that one’s big I once spent an exuberent amount of time going through and deleting key frames one by one I no longer wanted.

so a quote for that would be nice c: thankyou
also sorry if this is in the wrong spot, if it is, where should I put it?

EDIT: I think by keyframes I actually mean way points


This is a perfect place to ask about such things. :slight_smile: There are two options here.

First, you could claim for development priority within our fundraising campaign for next month. We haven’t started a new campaign yet, but we will do very soon.
Perhaps, your request above is not that big to dedicate a whole one-month development priority to it. So, we can think about more broad task, with consideration to implement the features requested by you in the first place. Something like “Improve TimeTrack panel UI”.

Second option: you can put a bounty to BountySource service -
Just choose a bug from our bugtracker (you might consider this, this or this) and submit your bounty.
(Maybe you will want to submit your own request into bug tracker, because the clear formulation of the task is very important here - you put a bounty for an exact issue, so it will define how exactly results are estimated).
The advantages of this option - you do not have to pay for a full priority. Also other people can join and put the bounties for your issue as well. So you don’t have to pay the whole amount by yourself.

Thankyou I reckon I will add a request to the synfig bounty source website, when I have some money to spare.

I am curious if I could be used as a programmer, I have around a year experience in c++, however I haven’t written much lately, and I’m learning python, the thing that’s holding me back is that I have no idea where to get started, as in there are other people working on features like the bones and the single window UI however how is it that my updates wont break the updates of the other devs, or do they collaborate? and also when I downloaded the source, to compile it seemed very complicated, and just looking at the source it was very intimidating, I’ve never worked on anything like this before.

Is it even possible for an outsider to come in and be able to work on something without having to read the entire program and understand it all?

Thankyou, for some reason I had a feeling I would not recieve a reply, thankyou for taking the time to do so.

We are always welcome new developers. :slight_smile:

It’s absolutely possible for an outsider to come and start working (this is how most of us do).

It’s best to start by forking an official repository at github -
That way you will get your own repository where you can commit stuff.
It isn’t necessary to read a whole program to get something done. A good IDE with debugging features would help a lot for understanding what’s happening (my preference is NetBeans ^^).
After you have something done (it’s best to start with small modifications) - commit into your repository and send a “pull request” into the main repository. Your entry will be reviewed and you’ll get a feedback if something is wrong. If everything is fine - then your changes will be applied into main repository.
If you in doubt about something - feel free to contact other devs at developers mailing list. They are all good and nice people. ^

I will read over you’re reply more thoroughly in the morning and start by making something small, see what happens