Synfig Files

Sorry if this is in the wrong section but,

I am trying to upload an animation to Youtube so I rendered it into a .png but I cannot find it. I have a windows machine. Does anyone know where it would be or where it is placed.

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PNG is a still image format, not an animation.
Where it is placed ? Depends on where your produced it :wink: (and depending your OS)

Please refer to the Wiki

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What I was going to do was convert it into .png then make a slideshow on youtube which would work right?
Also I am not sure what you mean by where I produced it b/c I clicked the render button in the file drop down.(It just said render and it did not allow me to place it anywhere(I am assuming that when it is rendered it creates a file of all the images right?)(If I am wrong how does it work them ))
Is the a file for synfig in which everything is saved?(If yes where would it be?)
Sorry if my questions are kinda dumb(I’m very new) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again


I don’t know if you still require help. If you do, I can tell you where Synfig has put you your file.

The Render dialog has a line starting with the word Filename. This line tells you where Synfig will put your file. The first letter, followed by a colon (:), tells you the drive. The forward slashes separate the name of the folders. And the bit after the last forward slash tells you the name of the file.

So something like …


Tells you that the render will be saved as animation1.png in folder Synfig, which is in folder Documents, which is in folder John, which is in folder Users, which is in drive C.

If you try to render again, Synfig will use a very similar Filename so if you look there you will probably find your old renders.

By default Synfig places rendered files in the place you installed it. Usually something like …/Programs/Synfig/SynfigDev/bin which is not exactly the first place you are bound to look, so it is best that you choose a location yourself before rendering.