Synfig doesn't open large files issue

I just exported a sif file from Inkscape, the file is huge (19 MB).

As I try to open it in Synfig it doesn’t open it and gives an error


I don’t know, but it seems the problem is due to a huge file.

I tried to open the sif file with VSCode, but there is not line 4 the exporter from Inkscape doesn’t format anything and put everything in line 3.

I think I should separate into different files and then import them in Synfig.

Edit: The problem is with the file format, the export from the Inkscape isn’t well formatted, I formatted the whole document with VSCode and there are no errors now.

(I just added a new line after '>' by finding '>' and replacing with '>\n' in VSCode, that worked for me)

AFAIK it should be supported by Synfig anyway, as XML format does not require linebreaks.

However, we use a robust XML parser library, so I don’t know why this error happened.

Sounds like an issue of CRLF / LF…