Synfig doesn't handle special characters

I had tried to save a file with the character “ß” in it some time ago. But it wasn’t able to save it (don’t know what error message appeared when I tried it). Now it came to me that I wanted to save a synfig file in a folder with the name “Präsentationen”. As you can guess it also wasn’t able to do it. Sorry if this had been reported earlier :slight_smile: . This isn’t a huge problem but it would be very useful to be able to use these characters as it may happen that some random parent folder includes special characters and you have to change it :wink: . Would this be very difficult to fix?

In theory it should work fine with any kind of characters if all the related strings are ustring from the glib library.

We have to change a lot of code, yes. Here are some basics for that: … f8.html.en … ng.html.en

Thanks for the quick response. I suppose this explains everything: