Synfig Development Snapshot (deb 32bits) problem (BUG)

I downloaded the development snapshot for Ubuntu (deb package) 32 bits, but something is wrong, as the deb tries to install, but something fails and the setup is re-launched, i tried installing the stable deb, and installed fine, is it me or the package is wrong?

Hi Vinsy,
which Ubuntu?
I’ll test the binaries as soon as I have time in a virtual machine of the same ubuntu you have.

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, 32 bits, thank you for your reply

Same here :frowning:
I’ve used gdebi-gtk and I’ve this result:

I’ll file a bug tracker for the packager.

Yup, thank you Genete

Move to packaging forum and marked as bug. Forwarded to Zelgadis.

I have fixed the problem and rebuild packages. Please try new packages from here - .
Thank you for reporting issue!

works good now, thank you!, btw, i have the impression these development snapshots are part of the next release, but i see them named 00.62.02 which is the same number of release of the current stable package, then the development snapshots are from the past 00.62.02 release?

Yes, the dev snapshots are part of next release. But because the next release is not out yet (and its number even not defined), it is have old version number - 00.62.02. Just think of it as O.62.02.20110329 ^___^