Synfig crashes while exporting my project (Help)

Hello Synfig Experts I need your Help, I’m working on an animation close to a month now. It has several scenes though short. I exported other scenes successful but the last scene crashes during exportation.
here is my Computer spec
Window 7, 4GB ram, 64bits
Synfig version 1.4.3. I would be glad If My issue is solved.

Exportation to which format? Lottie?

.avi format 9seconds

Do you have any error message if your start it with the console?
(check on these forums, sorry I’m a bit busy atm)

Did you try on version 1.4.4?

I’m still very much a Synfig novice but I deal with graphic-intensive applications like AutoCAD and REVIT and had to troubleshoot similar crashes. While I would definitely recommend more RAM (at least 16 GB), its been my experience that when these kinds of packages crash the problem may be due to a problem with some math while doing calculations with something like key frames or morphs.

Along with updating to the latest Synfig I would also make sure the drivers for your graphics card are updated. More often than not that will solve those weird calculation crashes. If that doesn’t do it then try splitting the problem animation in half. Try rendering each half separately. If both render then you’ll know the problem is probably a need for more RAM. If one half renders but the other won’t then you’ll know it’s something happening in that problem segment; start tinkering with it by maybe making little minor adjustments to anything moving or morphing.

Hope that helps…

I fixed the problem by deleting some keyframes, rotate layer and translate layer :frowning: I guess I Will need to upgrade my Computer. thank you all for your concern.


You could render at the command line instead of in the Synfig GUI. I render at the command line exclusively, for a multitude of reasons: errors are more clearly articulated, it’s less prone to glitches/freezing/crashing, I can still use Synfig Studio while rendering is occurring, and it allows rendering multiple sifz files simultaneously by launching separate instances of cmd.exe or PowerShell. For example, in Windows PowerShell ISE, open a new PowerShell tab.

I posted a snippet of PowerShell code here