Synfig Crashes whenever i try to save.

Hi I’m new to Synfig but I’ve come to love it in a short time, which is why I hate to introduce myself with a problem but, my recent project was building a model to build my anime characters over. However I have hit a bug. Whenever I try to save my files crash, they open fine although they look broken and I get this weird error message all over that says

synfig(420) [9:04:23 PM] warning: ValueNode_BLine::operator()():No entries in li st

I’m hoping this doesn’t mean i have to restart all my work over again. If anyone has got a solution I’d be very grateful.

My files are posted here
Manniquen Part 8.sifz (264 KB)
head 6.sifz (105 KB)

I was able to salvage most of the animations and am able to save again it appears that a translate tool disappeared on the head. I erased it and everything seems okay, but I’m still getting that same error every time I load or close the animations if anyone has a clue what it means I’d be grateful.

Please operating system and version.

Sorry of course, Windows 7 and version 0.63.03.

To fix the file I’ve done this:

  1. First rename “head 6.sifz” to head 6.sif.gz". This allows me to unzip the file.
  2. Using a unzip application I extracted “head 6.sif”.
  3. Then I looked for the word: “use” and I found that the file uses two times the exported value node “head 6.sifz#:head turn”. Then I created a exported value node by hand by inserting:

<defs> <vector id="head turn"> <x>0.0000000000</x> <y>0.0000000000</y> </vector> </defs>
after the document name entry on the document.
4) Removed the “head 6.sifz#:head turn” and place instead “head turn”
5) Then opened the file with Synfig Studio and saved it back to sifz format.

How did that happened?
You had one file called “head 6.sifz” that was properly defined. There was other file that made use of the “head turn” exported value node form that head 6 file. That’s the reason the complete path to the file and exported value node was used. Later, outside Synfig Studio you replaced head 6.sifz by that file, creating the reference loop never recoverable.
Attached is a head 6.sifz fixed. It might have something misaligned because I don’t know what was the value of “head turn” so I used a vector (0.0, 0.0).
I hope it helped.

EDIT: possibly you cannot open the file with Synfig 0.63.03. Please upgrade to 0.63.05 first. I didn’t have the 0.63.03 installed on my computer. There are binaries available at the download area of the website.
head 6.sifz (105 KB)