Synfig crashes when I run play of animation


I’m beguinner on Synfig. My OS is Kubuntu 16.04 and my version Synfig Studio is 1.0.2. I worked during 2 hours creating my project and I don’t know why Synfig crashes when I click play.
I joined the file

Thanks for help
Synfig Animation svg.sifz (13.7 KB)

Hi and welcome here,
tested ok with 1.0.2 under Windows.
Beware, newer versions of Synfig use a slightly different file format, then it makes crash 1.1.11 :confused:
I would advice you to use a dev version as 1.0.2 is known to be buggy in some points and you will not have necessarilly the possibility to use you 1.0.2 files in newer version.

I have the same problem, but it might be oom (out of memory) killer.
Oom killer kills program when memory is low, each program have scale, higher number- program will be kill first.
To change scale/score you need to find pid of synfig: synfig terminal and write pidof synfigstudio and you got pid. can check oom score of synfig by command cat /proc/PID/oom_score oom score is from -17 to 17. change score you need to write sudo echo X > /proc/PID/oom_adj where X is from -17 to 17 (we want lower so the number must be on minus)

5.and done, you can check if this work by cat /proc/PID/oom_score

I found this in page: … 11807.html

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late answer. I went to finish a project. For finish it, I created several files I didn’t lost of time in recreating the project.
I’m beginning a new project, and after 3 hours of work until my file is corrupted again.
I tried to configure the OOM Killer putting the OOM score to -17, as recommend by Majkel and as it wrote in several documentation. The opening of the corrupted file took long times without success, synfig crash again.

Isn’t it a solution to restore this file of 77,2Ko

So I’m going to do the project from crash in following the same process than before making many backup


No more bug related So you could close the post or delete it.
Thank anyway