synfig crashed in windows 7

hi… i downloaded the latest synfig and i’m using windows 7
my synfig suddenly crash even with just slight changes…
it took me more than 3 hrs to finish a simple animation which was supposed to be done in just minutes…
does it have compatibility issue or something?

btw thanx… i love synfig…

Hi bladeyumil13,
I think that although you have the latest version of Synfig Studio you haven’t enabled the single thread preference properly. It is not your fault because the current devel version doesn’t apply the single thread by default. I hope it will do in the next release.
Meanwhile do the following:
Close Synfig Studio and check that your file:


contains the line


If it reads:


change it to be


Run Synfig Studio again and try to make it crash.

wow thanx!!!

aw… it still crashed T_T

Did you do anything special? Something that you can repeat to make it crash?

no… i just opened my previous work… moved the bLine a little T_T

anyway… it works well in my ubuntu heheh…
i just want to try it in win 7…