Synfig Crash

As you can see from the subject, synfig is crashing. I worked hard making a stick figure I could later use in an animation. After I save I close synfig to fix a ui glitch (unrelated and fixed so skipping details) I open it then try to open the file, and it doesn’t open. Synfig opens fine but once It tries to open the file a popup says “synfigstudio.exe has stopped working”. Maybe I could send someone the file to see if they can open it?

Maybe your file has been corrupted during a crash.
Please make a zip file with the resources and you can send it as attachment.

By “resources” do you mean the stick figure save? Putting that in a zip file just made it larger.

Save your file and attach the sif file onto the forum using attachments/Add files. If you use imported images like pngs or so then save it as a sfg containerformatfile and attach that or put the image files together with the sif in a zip file.

Where is this? Sorry I’m a noob :confused:

Just drag’n’drop your file where you type
under in the tab “Attachments”, “Add Files”

Alright, thank you. Sorry for delay, exam week is hard.
tOS Stick.sifz (8.08 KB)

I’m going to guess either a fix was not found or nobody has had the time to fix it. I get the second one because I haven’t had time to check the forum.