Synfig Core - Documentation and Restructuration

Once the new version is out I consider a good moment to start to work on the next release :stuck_out_tongue:
So, similar to that nikitikit is doing with Synfig Studio, I’m going to start a code clean, document and restructure for Synfig Core libraries. Branch here: … ore_review
The main steps are:

  1. Review all the files. Clean and document them.
  2. Once done fisrt step and hopefully, I understand the code structure and how does it intended to work, reorganize the files in a beter way to make new coders easily focus on some partial and independent aspect of the code. This is not yet defined but here are some initial thoughts:
  • Group Valuenodes and convert types.
  • Group layers in its own modules folder
  • Group importers exporters in its own modules folder
    But until the first step is not done I cannot stablish the second one.

I’ve sent this to the synfig-devl mailing list:

Comments are welcome

good luck!

Next June 29th I’ll attend to a Cmake introductory course in the University of my town.
Also I’ve ordered a copy of the book Mastering Cmake. Hopefully in one month I’ll be ready to start the autotools to cmake migration. :mrgreen: