synfig configure doesn't see ETL, but it's there

I went through the normal configure, make, make install dance with ETL and it seemed to go okay. I was root for the ‘make install’ step, installing to /usr/local/

Now I’m trying ./configure in the synfig-0.62.01 source tree, freshly unpacked from the tarball. It goes on a sit-down strike, complaining:

checking for ETL >= 0.04.13… configure: error: ** You need to install the ETL (version 0.04.13 or greater).

What is confusing it?

(Just to be clear - it is ETL 4.13 that I installeld.)

This seems to be a very strange problem. Could you provide a log of the commands that you ran so that we can look over it and try to find the problem? If you haven’t already, you can also try looking at the build instructions to see if they offer any insight as to what might have gone wrong.

After a delay of a few days - some darn thing called “life” - I did a git clone and followed those build instructions. Same problem!

I stuck config.log from synfig-core ./configure on my website in a dusty corner - (note rename to prevent confusing apache or whatever)

The commands I used to build everything - or ETL at least, and attempting to configure synfig-core, are below. Excuse the poor formatting, it’s all copy-pasted. THis is on an Arch Linux x86_64 machine, with practically everything up to date within the last month or so. I often have trouble building from source due to gcc being too fresh, or some lib, whatever. “Arch is only 40% obsolete” or something like that.

((starting in /usr/local/src))

mkdir Synfig_git
cd Synfig_git

git clone git://
cd synfig/

automake --version
automake (GNU automake) 1.11.1
pkg-config --version

cd ETL/
autoreconf --install --force
cd synfig-core/
cd …

cd synfig-core/
libtoolize --ltdl --copy --force
autoreconf --install --force

…usual stuff…
checking for CFLocaleCopyCurrent… no
checking for GNU gettext in libc… yes
checking whether to use NLS… yes
checking where the gettext function comes from… libc
checking for ETL >= 0.04.13… configure: error: ** You need to install the ETL (version 0.04.13 or greater).

bash> date
Mon Nov 15 02:44:39 EST 2010

bash> ls /usr/local/include/ETL/ -l
total 740
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 12931 Nov 15 02:20 _angle.h
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 25923 Nov 15 02:20 _bezier.h
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 2891 Nov 15 02:20 _bezier_angle.h
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 6525 Nov 15 02:20 _boxblur.h
… and a few dozen more files, all same date …

((note: ack is like grep, but shows lines before & after))
bash> ack -B2 -A1 -i version /usr/local/include/ETL/

98-#define ETL_NAME “Extended Template Library”
100:/* Define to the full name and version of this package. */
101-#define ETL_STRING “Extended Template Library 0.04.13”

107-#define ETL_URL “”
109:/* Define to the version of this package. */
110:#define ETL_VERSION “0.04.13”