synfig cli syntax - how to set ffmpeg output target

Hi, according to, if we want to use gif as output target, it is

synfig myanimation.sifz -t gif -o myanimation.gif

but how can i use ogg(ffmpeg) as an output target,

synfig myanimation.sifz -t ffmpeg -o myanimation.ogg

will provide the bellow message:
synfig(4927) [09:13:03 AM] warning: Broken Pipe…

Synfig Studio works fine because we can define the parameters after we choose ffmpeg target.

Try this:

synfig myanimation.sifz -t ffmpeg -vc mpeg4 -vb 1000 -o myanimation.ogg


synfig --target-video-codecs

to know which codecs are available instead of mpeg4. Replace 1000 by the desired bitrate

thanks, it helps.

and just early today while i was browsing the wiki pages i found some other useful render tips :slight_smile:

post the link here for others’ ref: … quality.3F