Synfig broken in Ubuntu 9.04

The version of Synfig available in Ubuntu 9.04’s repositories is totally broken. In fact, the version of Synfig available in Ubuntu 8.10 was totally broken too. I’m starting to notice a pattern here. I know you guys are understaffed and all, but it would seem to be to your advantage to have a working version of Synfig available by default (as in not having to build the dang thing yourself) in the most popular Linux distro’s repositories, wouldn’t you say? Can someone at least roll a .deb for our troubles?

Default Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope
Dell XPS m1530
Core 2 Duo @ 2.5 GHz
4 Gigs of RAM
180.44 Nvidia binary driver

Try the debian packages form Zelgadis. … /binaries/

I’ve not upgraded to 9.04 yet (mainly because I prefer to wait a pair of months to not get a surprise with some hardware driver in my production PC).
Meanwhile you can give us a clue on the problem that comes with the 0.61.09 Synfig version and Ubuntu 9.04. Any message output?

Hey, Genete.

Thanks for the response.

There is no output whatsoever. Just the splash screen, then nothing. As a matter of fact, if I remember correctly, the same thing happened for me in Ibex, and the splash screen that shows up is the one with the red flames on it, not the more recent kids-and-rocket one that comes with 0.61.09.

It seems that some of the packages are 0.61.08 and some are 0.61.09. Here are the packages that are installed when you choose to install from Add/Remove:

synfigstudio 0.61.08-1ubuntu1
synfig-examples 0.61.09-1ubuntu1
libsynfigapp0 0.61.08-1ubuntu1
libsynfig0 0.61.09-1ubuntu1

It does not install package synfig 0.61.09-1ubuntu1 (I’m not sure if that’s normal or not). If I try to install synfig 0.61.09-1ubuntu1 manually using synaptic, before I was getting something about an invalid path maybe…/usr/bin or something, but now it’s just the same fire splash screen, the “hourglass,” then nothing.

I don’t know if this makes any difference, but when I installed Ubuntu 9.04, I didn’t format my \home directory. I’m not sure if there’s still a goofy config file in there, but it seems to me like the packages that are in the repositories are not all from the same version. I could be wrong. In the meantime, I will try that .deb you suggested and let you know if that works.



OK, I used synfigstudio_0.61.09-2354.morevnapackage.1_i386.deb from the site you suggested and that seems to have installed correctly and work pretty much like it did before when I finally got 0.61.09 installed on Ubuntu 8.10 [quick aside: have you ever noticed that Synfig crashes when you zoom in way too far, way to fast with CTRL+? Just thought I’d mention it].

Thanks for your help!!! Still doesn’t explain what’s going on with the repository version, though…

I did a clean install of Ubuntu 9.04 (the joys of vmware), and manually installed all the synfig packages. This is the result:[code]gerco@vmubuntu:~$ synfigstudio

synfig studio – starting up application…

Segmentation fault[/code]And like the previous post said:

It seems that at the very least, the ubuntu people made some packaging errors… A 0.61.09 synfig with a 0.61.08 synfigstudio. Do we know who we need to contact about this?


I had the same problem with the precompiled packages for ubuntu. After lots of googling, I managed to compile it correctly for ubuntu studio. Couldn’t remember what exactly I did though. But the answer is out there. :mrgreen: