Synfig as Compositor !?!?! Like Adobe After Effects !!!

Hi Every/Anyone… I’m new here Today, & Newer to Compositing & Digital/Computer art & Anamation this past year… I have alot of experience shooting & editing Film & Video Professionally in Hollywood Industry & since I was a kid… I Always left the Effects to the “Computer Geeks” :laughing: & mostly just shoot & Cut… I started back in the old days on tape & A/B Roll editing!! 80’s-90’s. This past year I decided to get into CGI-Effects-Compositing-3D myself because the technology & memory Space is finally big/fast & affordable enough!!! I know alot of the THEORY & TACTICS… but my new challenge is learning to actually operate//button push on all the various softwares myself… I’m Juggeling/learning GIMP, Blender, Cinema 4D, InkScape, Adobe After Effects + all CS6, & Synfig!!! As I learn more about all the various types of Softwares… I See their simmalarities & am a fan of all the “OpenSource stuff” as its the root of the internet, & this/that community/spirit is always soo helpful to me & learning stuff.
So… The TOPIC I’m Specifically here to Discuss is… SYNFIG as a FULL COMPOSITOR…simmilar to After Effects (( Not to offend animators & 2d cartoon people!!)) Its obviously great for that,… but as I’m getting more into AE… it reminds me of what I was messing w/ on SYNFIG months ago… & pretty simmilar in structure w/ layers… Image Capability & TimeLine w/ Edit Points… Well, there isnt really a opensource compositor… WAX 2.0 actually is, but wasnt stable for me & I seem to remember its not very suported… Think/heard the guy was maybe NOT planning to upgrade it… ((*also… Heard ADOBE isnt planning anymore upgrades after CS6!! Wow!!)) I’m on Synfig 63.5 but saw 64 is now hooked up to PYTHON script… Like BLENDER 3D, & i think Cinema 4d is also… On YouTube I looked for SYNFIG Video Composits…& found a few cool examples of… a Light Saber Effect,… some OK looking Flames,…a kid walking over a moving chalk drawn snake on pavement,…& a guy who did a ‘Motion Track’ manually of apple on table. Everything else is a cartoon & theres a mouse short that looks 3D but says Synfig.
Well, I’m thinking of messing w/ all that… & saw a Video of a Development Meeting from 2013… so I commented about the COMPOSITING IDEA… but POSTING HERE to find out what anyone thinks/feels about all this… & wondering about Tips for utalising/enabelising/Formatting/Building… Synfig to “Expand it” beyond only ‘animation software’ & be able to intergrate BLENDER 3D (Adobe AE links direct w/ Cinema 4d now) So, I’m wondering what anybody thinks/knows about all that… & Want to point out that Synfig seems like it could get alot more users/community if it was available as “A Compositor”… I was always thinking of it as ANIMATION ONLY software… but imagine greater capability w/ high res Video… Maybe more Video Examples & Tutorial’s would help people get/see that…
What do you experienced techy people think??? Any Ideas or helpfull hints???

You can do some fancy stuff using Synfig as a composer, but with the windows version currently only using one thread of whatever cpu you are using and with no opengl support to speed things up you will find that preview means lots of patience and coffee. Hoping the new upcoming build which uses Cairo will bring some relief, but at the moment it is all cricket sounds in the dark on that front. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well,… Above I Said theres no opensource compositor… I’m still wresteling w/ & getting a grasp on Blender…I watched 500 videos about it… & the other day looked a little further… OMG! Blender’s got a Compositor Function thats awesome!!! Its Node Boxes which is a little weird/different than a typicl windows w/ layers setup like Synfig & AE… But its there & it’s powerfull… Theres a bunch of vids on YouTube about it, but you specifically got to type BLENDER COMPOSITOR in the search… or you always get modeling/sculpt/game Vids. I still Think Synfigs got alot of potential there & wondering what the OpenGL thing is about??

Some upcoming open source compositing software: