Synfig animation in a little mobile app

I was going to wait until this app was also on iOS to make this “announcement” but that may be a while yet, so here we go for Android at least. A colleague and I made a sort of “Magic Eight Ball” type of app where you ask an old witch a question (out loud) and then she gives you her answer. The static graphics were done with Inkscape, but the witch herself was created and animated in Synfig. I originally had a much cooler and intricate steam animation that was also done in Synfig, but it bogged the playback down too much and I had to simplify it. Bummer.

This is our first mobile app and we intentionally kept it simple while we were getting our feet wet. Also, this app is Adobe AIR based (at least for now) because that’s what my colleague and I do as a day job, so it’s what we had access to and are familiar with. We hope to migrate away from AIR for our next, more involved app.

At any rate, there you go, a Synfig animation in a mobile app. Maybe it’s the first mobile app to use Synfig? I don’t know. It’s free and if your Android version is at least 2.2, go download it and have a little witchy fun. :smiley: … n.WitchWay


Graphics looks excellent! Is there any possibility to see the animation without download the application? (I would buy it if I had a compatible Android mobile)

I think that there were one mobile application that use Synfig before yours. I can’t find it in the forums forest though.

Ah, here it is: