Synfig 2D Studio 0.61.09 - All in One Installer - Windows 32

Hi everyone,
sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:.
I create for you Synfig 2D Studio 0.61.09 - All in One Installer - Windows 32 bit.
Installer is made witch NSIS.
Everithing important are in package (synfig core, synfig studio, gtk+, gtkmm) and you only click, install and then go to the
installation folder and go to bin/synfigstudio.exe.

For example:

C:\Program Files\Synfig 2D Studio 0.61.09 - All in One Installer - Windows 32 Bit\bin/synfigstudio.exe.

Nice Work !

You don´t need installed on you computer:

synfig core,
synfig studio,
Only this installer !!!


Enjoy :exclamation:

I don’t have Windows so I cannot test your package. But it is awesome that you have created an unified install for windows!.

Please, let us know the procedure to create that unified package. We are very interested on offer unified packages for windows.
Thanks for contributing!


I install all components what I need and than copy to one folder all components of this applications.
(Program data folder, registry…)
Synfig, Synfig Core, GTK and GTKMM I install to one folder.
Than I search all components of Synfig, Synfig Core, GTK and GTKMM in my computer, copy to one new folder.
Than I completly unninstalled all of these components and tested this package on my computer on Windows XP and it is working fine.

I have question for you:

When you relasing a new version of synfig ?

Thanks !

Ok, thanks for the info. But I think that’s not the way we want to do a unified windows package :blush:

Hopefully at the end of September this year. But it is not mandatory. We can delay if we need more time for release or found need to fix bugs.
Stay tunned and participate contributing with splash screen, new icons, translations, etc.

Thanks for posting this Batarzell. I tried it and had a couple of observations. It did work OK, but it didn’t seem to do a very good job of setting up shortcuts, and it didn’t provide any way to uninstall the package (apart from just deleting the files in c:\program files\synfig)

The good news is that it prompted me to dig into this for myself. I took a different approach and started from the build tree and the current core and studio NSIS install scripts. I combined them and added in the GTK/GTKmm files. The result is the latest version from the Git repository, compiled with GTK version 2.16.

You can find my version at viewtopic.php?f=1&t=740

Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

I now, my installer is not very nice, but I´m happy for you inspiration and making a new, better windows package, because taht´s what I´m training ! That´s my idea !

Good work !!! :exclamation: :smiley: