Synfig 1.3.15 Crash on right clicking waypoint

Hi community. I’m having some buggy behaviour when trying to edit any waypoint in 1.3.15. Right clicking on any waypoint causes an immediate crash. For example in the screenshot below, right clicking on any of the two waypoints of the selected circle region will cause a crash.

You can test using this file waypoint_crash_test.sifz (1.7 KB)


Hi there, tawatoons!
So i tested the file, and tried to recreate the bug myself as well, and…

oh boy, this could be a critical issue…

But i have to confirm some things beforehand:

  1. Try to create this same exact file again, select the circle, and look at the Graph panel.
    Then right click on any waypoint Inside that Graph panel.
    After that, try right-clicking that waypoint from Timeline/timetrack panel.
    Please let me know what happened after you do each of those steps.

EDIT: Please ignore this second one below. My dumb self forgot how graphs work…
2. Recreate the file again from scratch, select the circle, and look at the Graph panel thoroughly, then save.
Next, reopen the file again, select the circle, and try to take another look at both Graph panel and timeline/timetrack panel.
Please let me know what you see.

Apparently, i have to click the exact point (vector, origin, etc) to show graphs for each of those parameters.
I’m really sorry for this ._.


same issue here. The terminal output was:

./bin// line 66: 27286 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) "$BASE_DIR/bin/synfigstudio.wrapper" "$@"

this problem didn’t happen when i opened the same file in v 1.3.14.


Hi Fadhilkwan. I found that I can right click waypoints in the Graphs panel but still any further attempt to right click within the Timetrack will crash

Thank you for reporting, tawatoons!

And for testing guskarisma and Fadhilkwan!

@Fadhilkwan Could you please test this fix?


@Fadhilkwan Could you please test this fix?

Hi, @rodolforg! Sorry for the late reply, i had to build the master first to test it.
But it seems that this issue got fixed in this build.

Though i still need a bit of confirmation whether i’m using the right version of not (i’m still trying to have a grasp on how this works) ._.v

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It’s on v1.3.x branch only.

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Wait, so… how can i get that specific branch?
I’m currently using the guide from this link to learn how to build synfig:

But i couldn’t find a way to get the v1.3.x branch ones.
Is there any way to do it within that method, or do i have to use different approach? ._.

There’s currently three development branches:

  • stable – code related to 1.2.2
  • master – the most updated (and less tested) code
  • v1.3.x – a branch for the next stable, so it receives only bug fixes

You need to checkout for a branch in order to access its code.
If you don’t understand branches, read
And documentation about checkout :
git checkout v1.3.x

And if you want to go back to master branch:
git checkout master

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@Fadhilkwan another way is to download the source code in a zip archive via github website:

The fix is shipped in the new release -

Thanks to @rodolforg for fixing! :slight_smile:


Alright, i think i got it.
I managed to do the checkout thing and switch to 1.3.x branch, though i probably need to rebuild synfig again from scratch since it still shows as 1.5.0 when i launch it (which i’m currently doing anyway, just to make sure that i did everything correctly)

Thanks a lot for your help! :smiley:

Nice! ^-^

Yeah: the branches are quite different now, so it’d need a full build ./ all build :wink:

Thanks for the quick fix everyone!