Synfig 1.2.0 - Using plugins cause Synfig to crash

Since installing 1.2.0, no matter what plugin I try to use, it causes Synfig to crash.

This is what happened when I tried to use the Add Skeleton (Simple) plugin:

So I go over to where my Synfig file is, and I find these:

For some reason, it created two extra files with the same name as the original, except they have a file extension with (as far as I can tell) randomly generated numbers and letters, and one of these files is mentioned in the error message (and from the error message, it seems that this file may be causing the error).

I’ve done this with saved files and unsaved files, .sifz files and .sif files, and every time it crashes and creates the two extra files. If I try again using the same file, it will generate another two files.

It does this with three plugins I’ve tested so far: Add Skeleton (Simple), Unhide All Layers, and Import Timings and Labels. I first found it when I was trying to use Import Timing and Labels, and after some attempts to fix the problem, I discovered that it did this with the included plugins as well. I reinstalled Synfig and didn’t add the Import Timings and Labels back just in case it may have caused a problem, but even then it still crashed and generated the two files.

Anybody else having trouble with plugins?