Synfig 1.0 (When?)

Hi all,
I am new at Synfig forums,
I just want to ask about Synfig features in the future…
When is planing to Synfig 1.0 relase?

The first release (0.61.00) was in 2005. We are going to release 0.62. So at this rate of development, a simple cross multiplication gives the year…

0.62-0.61 is to 2009-2005
1.0-0.62 is to X-2009

X = 2009 + 0.38*4/0.01 = 2161

Seriously, what is the importance of the number? Does it means maturity really?

Ask for features. It is free. Maybe someone consider it interesting or easy enough to implement and you can have it even at an earlier version :wink:

Thank you for your reply.
Synfig is a great program and is free, but there is missing me as:

[b]- Audio editor (import,editing sound)

  • Support for multiple processors[/b]

Have you ever wondered about the manner of financing the development of Synfig, like for example Blender (…?

I’ve contacted to blender people to ask them which is the formula to obtain the maturity status (and such kind of Foundation) they have. The basic rule is:
-Keep a core (maybe small) dedicated team to keep on development and maintenance.
-Grow users and contributors population.
-Make featured animations to promote Synfig.

When you have continuous success on all them three the auto-financing comes by it self.

Where do you want to join? :slight_smile:


In other words we need a heck of a lot of developers(so start looking for them they must be hiding somewhere)
Hopefully with monerva project will get some advertisement so as to attract some interest and get some developers that give a damn about this project

First will be necessary to main page clearly indicate where and how people can join to develop of Synfig AS,
In addition… on the main page MUST be state how much money you need as this month (Semptember), for a steady and stable development of Sinfig (That’s motivating people a lot.)
I can help you in web design, PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc… (For example, launch the video server like YouTube, only for Synfig.)

  • Audio editor (import,editing sound)
  • Support for multiple processors (Windows)

Here are the open source packages I use for audio:

Lip Sync: JLipSync (You may prefer Papagayo)
Audio Editing: Audacity
Combining Sound with Images: Blender VSE

Of course, these are just the packages I use; there are others. Given that audio can already be easily handled with existing software, I’d actually vote against audio development as a waste of precious developer resources - but that’s just me. :smiley:


Yes, that’s maybe a way as well, but I would like to have “All in one package”, for example:

Blender is All in one package in work with 3D (rendered) graphics/games.
Ardour - All in one DAW package.
GIMP - All in one bitmap creation/editing soft.
Inkscape - All in one vector soft.
…and I would like to have "All in one 2D animation studio/soft from Synfig :slight_smile:.

  • without having to switch to an external application.
    Like "Open Synfig, make 2D animation like FUTURAMA :slight_smile::slight_smile: (includes drawing, animation, work with sounds in Synfig) and export to video format in Synfig and watch! :slight_smile::))

Well, you’ll need to recruit a much bigger development team. :smiley: For now, with scant resources, I’m just saying that sound - since it can be done perfectly well with other software - should be a low priority.

This is one of those eternal points of tension, often between those from a Windows background (where “all-in-one” is common) and those from a Linux/Unix background (where the mantra is “many specialized tools where each does its task well”). Keep in mind that when you go the all-in-one route, you end up making compromises. Take Flash, for instance. With it, you can make an animated cartoon or you can program an actionscript-based application, but it isn’t the best tool for either one of those tasks. For pure programming, Flex is superior, while I’d argue Toon Boom’s Animate is superior for pure cartoon animation. In the proprietary world, where you have to buy stuff to be allowed to use it, it makes a certain sense to buy Flash if you think you’re going to have to do both things, but if you knew you were only going to, say, animate, then Toon Boom Animate is the better tool.

In the free and open source world, additional software packages don’t cost money, so it makes less sense to build all-in-one programs, which is one reason you tend to see specialization. Inkscape focuses on vector illustration, GIMP on raster-based image manipulation, the newer MyPaint on digital, raster-based painting, and so on. The outlier in your list is Blender but it mostly included the extra tools for video because, back in Blender’s early days, there really wasn’t an open source video editor that was cross-platform. And even the Blender manual will point out that the VSE is not as robust as a dedicated NLE, though in this case, since the VSE already exists, it’ll probably continue to be improved upon, almost as a separate program within Blender. (I’m actually pulling for a dedicated, powerful, cross-platform, open source NLE to emerge - maybe Lumiera? - but we’ll see.)

At any rate, I just piped in to counter your plea because - with no malice intended :smiley: - I really do think it’s an unwise use of resources, given what’s available. I mean, we’re not going to equal - much less exceed - the audio editing capability of, say, Audacity any time soon inside Synfig. And given that Audacity and the others are already out there, it just doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel when the engine - capable though it is - needs important work.

Of course, if some gung-ho developer comes along and is passionate about nothing but adding sound to Synfig, I won’t try to stop him or her. I’ll just quietly wish the passion could have been about something more urgent. :smiley:


Matt -

Well stated and on target. When I used Flash 8 (when you could still use it without programming skills), I always edited my audio, imported it, then did my animation to sync with the audio. It would help tremendously if one could simply import audio files (no editing tools required).

Kevin :mrgreen:

Since sometime in October 2014 with Synfig 1.0 you can import audio. Import the audio file and when you play back your animation, you will hear the audio file play as the animation plays.

I don’t think you can render the animation to disk with the audio file though. At least I still had to use an external tool to put the audio and the animation together but since the audio started at time 0 of my animation, everything remained synchronized when I merged my animation with my audio file externally.

Thanks for that valuable piece of info!