Synfig 1.0 on XP and Linux (ubuntu/deb file)

Hi, I installed 1.0 on XP but it wouldn’t start up via the menu - just the debug panel - or so it seemed (wondering now was it just slow?) - when it finally came up anyway it was very very very, unusably slow. and seemed to be missing icons (there were four buttons in a ‘cross’ shape on the various panels not sure what they were for as they seem to be a new feature - they were blank though - thought maybe they had icons?)

Is there certain computer hardware specs we need for running 1.0? I’m happy to stay with older versions if there is - where would I find that information?

Also, on Linux - the deb/ubuntu download for 1.0 didn’t work at all. A lot of missing dependencies if I remember correctly (I’m on Linux Puppy so I sort of expected that - I think it was Python and GTK or something) - is there a sort of known dependency list (seem to recall I might have seen one but I’ve been playing around so much with downloads I don’t know if it was for synfig).

Thanks for the pointers.

Strange that works so bad on Windows XP. I’ve installed it via official download and doesn’t have missing icons and works fine.