Synfig 0.63 Release Started!


Confirmed here.
One new bug is out.


Yes, confirmed wioth indexed image.
Vinsy, please submit a bug to the bugtracker.


it’s done, i noticed also that this doesn’t happen with indexed images without alpha channel


So with Nikitakit’s help, we have RC1 building with a working preview screen.

Genete, can you make some modifications to the source tree?
Comment out lines 560 & 607 in preview.cpp
(begin_paint_rect (preview.cpp::560) and end_paint (preview.cpp::607))

And while you’re at it, can you tweak line 63 of synfig-studio\ from
File “src\gtkmm.libs\synfigstudio.exe”
File “src\gui.libs\synfigstudio.exe”

Zelgadis also is figuring out how we can fix the paths for the development logo, as it doesn’t find the dependent synfig_icon.sif and logo.sif. Right now, I’m hand copying them into the build tree.

I’m sure there are some other fixes that need to go in, but those are the big ones right now.



Gooood work my friends!!!
Will do those changes and fill tool fixes and related this Sunday. Please list here all the final requests if any new.

The new 0.63.00 release will be out this Sunday (Monday at last). If something is needed to fix it will be released in a minor version update. I would like to update minor versions more regularly.
I’m so happy!!, aren’t you? :smiley:


Nikitakit have commited fixes. I have made fix for splash screen too.


On Ubuntu10.04 it works perfectly!
especially the magic++ .gif renderer, it has made a great progress. So has the BLine tool.
Synfig Woo!