Synfig 0.63 release start is very close!

Hi folks!
probably you have noticed that we still working on Synfig development. This time there are enough sustantial changes to deserve a new major number change, so 0.63 will be out soon!!!

Open your ears :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :

  • New cairo render for ducks and workarea things.
  • New bezier handling by pulling with the mouse from the middle of a bezier.
  • New Advanced Outline layer with width detached from blinepoints and new types of tips and corners.
  • Tool tips for Parameter’s panel enabled also for sub parameters.
  • Guides are alive again.
  • Width tool has been partially fixed and now has a feed back element.
  • Some bug fixing.

Your contribution:
Lot of new strings to translate. Make your language version better!.
A new Splash Screen challenge! \o/ A particular thread will be posted but participating rules will be similar to past ones.
There will be at last two releases candidates. Feed back and bug hunting will be welcome!
It would be awesome if we can have Windows, Mac and Linux version available. Thanks to pixelgeek and secondplanet!

As soon as code is merged, frozen and ready for translation and package testing, I’ll announce it here.
Stay tunned! New posts will come in!!. :smiley:


oh! i can’t wait for it, is any of these features yet in the Development Packages for Linux?


Yes! maybe there are some small bugs remaining to be fixed but many of the new features are ready in the development packages.

Please remember that the success of the release is partially thank to you, yes you, the user as bug hunter and reporter. Also the official translators work is absolutely needed this time specially.


Why we are not using transifex to translate synfig?

Let’s start to use it for this release. Do anyone have idea how does it work?

Briefly - me. Please add me to the maintaners list of the project @ transifex.

Which is your username at transifex?

I’ve researched how does it work and seems not difficult. I think that we should upload the updated POT file and for each translation each po file. The rest is automatically done.

If you want to upload po files please let me update the master branch first, upload the proper updated POT file and make the announcement of translation period start.

I think we can upload before merge, test it first and then re-uppload after merge.

My username is “morevnaproject”. Thank you!

Added! :slight_smile:

0.63 on the way, cool! That’s some good news I’m happy to hear :slight_smile:

I’m impatient to give a try to the RC… until then I’ll find some time to get a transifex account and complete the French trad.


There is a development snapshot very close to the release candidate. Still have some bugs and of course it is not for production.

so, does it mean we as translators need to commit the po files to TX site?

Zelgadis has uploaded the current .po files for both synfig-core and synfig-studio. I think that they don’t have all the strings yet, because I’ve fully translated them and I miss some of the new ones.

In any case you can use Transifex to translate the po online or upload a new version of the string. But I reccomend to wait until I update the POT files at transifex once everything is merged and updated in the main git repository. From now we just are testing how does it works, and works very well! :slight_smile:
I plan to release the first candidate during end of next week so that will be the announce of translation submissions.

pls be informed that tx will not preserve the header of po file. that means the previous translators’ info will be replaced by new commit.

Yes I knew that when downloading my own translated files (es.po). What I did is to merge the old header with the new one in order to just add the latest translator and update the translation dates.
Thanks for the reminder jcome.

Also Transifex have nice web-based translation UI, so you don’t have to have installed POtranslate and other funny stuff.