Synfig 0.63.05 is here!

Let me summarize the changes that are going to be shipped to the new release (several authors):

  • Warning dialogs fix. When the message is quite large the old behavior produced a hang of the GTK dialog and a crash. I did a change to use always scrollable window to show the message. It is not the better solution but it is in the safe side for the user.
  • Implementation of Outline grow for inline canvases. Inline Paste Canvas layer has a new parameter called Outline Grow that increases children layers outline width recursively.
  • When adding a guide, update the panel info as well.
  • New additional parameter for output target: string separator. It allows to custom define the character separator between output file name and the numerical counter for image sequences.
  • When grid size is negative use its positive value.
  • Fix bug Value Node BLine Calc that was broken for Angle types.
  • Roll back fix of bug #340511 because it produced one worse bug.
  • Patches for crash start up on Ubuntu 12.04 Beta
  • Patches for clang compiler
  • Fix key events handling correctly.
  • Fixed some compiler warnings
  • Now it is possible to import Gimp Palettes
  • Misspelling and typos on some user interface strings.
  • Improve contrast for color sliders on color edit and gradient edit widgets.

It is pending to apply the improvements for Preview Dialog.

Please write here whether there are more pending patches to apply or whether you’re working on something that could be included in this release.
We would like to release on the weekend.


x.xx.05 already? wow, it’s going fast, can’t wait to the next RCs

great news! thanks Genete!

and a bit late: yes, I had a pending patch for adding a font family selection dialog, but it can wait… and it can be improved as well, so no worry :wink:

I’m ending the preparation for the next release but I need someone who help on download the po files from Transifex, fix the headers of those po files to match the current headers of its correspondent existing on the repository and add (if any) the new languages to the and corresponding po files to the po folder.

Anyone to help on this?


If there is no one has time to do it before this weekend, I will take this task then.


please read the release procedure and how the translations can be downloaded quickly using a command line interface. … anslations


The update is done and pushed back to and git repo: