Synfig 0.63.04 released!

OK, after two months of work and testing we have 0.63.04 released!
List of changes can be found in the Release Notes.

There are still some pending things to do:

  • Spread the world.[list]
    [*] - DONE
  • - DONE
  • Freshmeat -DONE
  • Gnomefiles
  • Synfig devl mailing list - DONE
  • Synfig user mailing list - DONE
  • Sourceforge site page update & news -DONE
  • IRC topic - DONE
  • Update Wikipedia - DONE
  • Update Facebook/synfig & Google+/synfig pages. - DONE
  • Diaspora - DONE
    ]Build binaries packages for Windows and Mac[/:m]
    ]Update the ENGLISH wiki with the new features and review the wiki with missing/uncomplete pages. <<< this is important![/*:m][/list:u]

Thanks for all the contributions, suggestions, feedback, help and backing provided!. Without you this release wouldn’t be a reality. :slight_smile:

The new development cycle is already started - Genete have some neat features coded that were not passed to this release. While he is busy with development I strongly encourage everyone to look through the basic manual pages and update them according to the new release. We all want to have good manual, aren’t we? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Sweet! This release is great! A whole new interpolation method (clamped) and some much needed rework of the preview window!

posted on Diaspora
Libre Graphics World notified

A huge THANK YOU to everyone for bringing yet another release of Synfig full of new features.

I can’t wait to try everything out! :smiley:

Good work!
Updating right now :smiley:

Cool, Thanks! I’m going to try it out ASAP.

Would now be a good time to mention that we need to update the copyright info in the About Synfig Dialog?

Copyright 2001-2011
Robert B. Quattlebaum Jr.,
Adrian Bentley and Synfig contributors

We’re in 2012 now :slight_smile:

Windows binary is posted - … e/download


Thank you everyone! Looks like we have everything updated now!

Good work on the new release!

What about:
Copyright 2001-Time::End()
Robert B. Quattlebaum Jr.,
Adrian Bentley and Synfig contributors

There is one new behavior that I don’t like so much.
When the Preview dialog is opened it is not possible to have any other window application onto it (and not onto the two dockables). Isn’t there a way to make the preview dialog to be on top of its own application windows and not on top of any window?
Linux Mint 12 here.

I noticed the same problem too here on Fedora 16.

my bad, because I used keep_above,
replace with set_transient_for (self.get_parent()) should behave as previous “dialog” window

Hi jcome!
please send a patch or pull request to apply that change for the next release. Thanks!