Synfig 0.63.03 released!

Finally I decided to directly publish the final release instead a third candidate.
Changes can be found on the Release Notes.

There are still some pending things to do:

  • Create/publish Press Release at website.
  • Spread the world.[list]
  • Freashmeat
  • Gnomefiles
  • Synfig devl mailing list
  • Synfig user mailing lint
  • Sourceforge site page update & news
  • IRC topic
  • Update Wikipedia
  • Update Facebook/synfig & Google+/synfig pages.
    ]Update the download page with the correct links. [/:m]
    ]Update the front page with the new version. [/:m]
    ]Build binaries packages for Windows and Mac[/:m]
    ]Update the wiki with the new features and review the wiki with missing/uncomplete pages. <<< this is important![/:m]
    ]Start a new development cycle…[/*:m][/list:u]

Any help is welcome.

Thanks for all the contributions, suggestions and help and backing provided!. Without you this release wouldn’t be a reality.

Windows Binary is posted! … e/download


I’ll update the releases page later.

Congratulations on a new release!

congrats !

Press release is finished, website updated. … o-0-63-03/
I will rest a little and going to continue with spreading the word.

  • - looks like already updated
  • Freashmeat (aka Freecode) - submitted
  • IRC topic - updates
  • Wikipedia - updated
  • Facebook/synfig & Google+/synfig pages. - looks like already

I’m going to have bad days again. Please keep up with the rest stuff spreading the word! Cheers! ^___^

Hi Genete,
This should be a bug in the tracker, I know, but I’ve got the “unknown media type” installer issue. It was discussed here: … 1&start=15.
I’m trying to install the 64 bit version of the Synfig Deb - synfigstudio_0.63.03-20111205.master.8_amd64.deb on a Linux Mint machine (Linux Mint version 10, which is based on Ubuntu I believe).
Just thought you should know :slight_smile:

Hi, zenoscope!
“unknown media type” error is not related to synfig package - it is caused by sme other package intalled in your system. This warning can be safely ignored.