Synfig 0.63.03 RC1 linux binaries available (now RC2!)

More changes to come!
Lately I’m feeling lucky coding and seems that I’m having a good coding phase so I decided to not stop my self and apply the modifications to the master branch.
Those modifications are:

  • More render artefacts fixed: due to the changes made by the speed up improvement, some old render artefacts get back to life.
  • Added icons to the enum widget. Default interpolation drop down menu has icons for easy identification
  • Fix crash when DIList is empty (erased all items) and Dash is enabled.
  • Now it is possible to insert item smart on empty lists. Just right click on the list (BLine, WPList, DIList) and one menu action is offered.
  • Metadata is now editable by the user at the Meta Data dock dialogue.
  • Fix added bug for missing contextual menus for widthpoints position duck.

Please be patience: Release candidate #3 next week!

EDIT: A second Release Candidate has been released!
It brings:

  • Hability to remove multiple items at the same time
  • Fix bug (crash) that happen on advanced outlines when number of blinepoints is one.
  • Right click on a WidthPoint position duck offers the “Edit Waypoint” menu when applicable.
  • ‘Fast’ parameter of advanced outlines is static (not animatable) by default.


I’m just uploading the 32 and 64 bit binaries for linux of the Release Candidate #1 of 0.63.03.
Detailed changelog of this release:
Synfig Studio:

  • Use Widget::Distance for feather spin button on Draw Tool options.
  • Enable tool tips for Tool Options dialogue buttons.
  • Make Draw Tool options greyed when not usable.
  • Full support to create Advanced Outlines with the Draw Tool. Stylus pressure used.
  • Widthpoint position ducks shows a text with its value when mouse hovers.
  • Don’t stretch button in file selection widget. Use shorter text. Patch by Konstantin Dmitriev
  • Fix bug BLine linked objects get wrong initial position
  • Use Gtk::Tooltip instead of deprecated Gtk::Tooltips. This fully fix tooltips for Layer parameter panel.
  • When modify a value that has a waypoint at the current time, don’t modify its interpolations, only the value.

Synfig Core:

  • Support to create Advanced Outlines with the Draw Tool.

  • Fixed script to generate synfig API.

  • Added two new parameters to the WidthPoint class. Lower Boundary and Upper Boundary. They define the lower and upper boundaries value of the widhtpoint position. When placed at start and end of the BLine. By default lower = 0.0 and upper = 1.0. Lower boundary must be always smaller than Upper boundary. As parameters they cannot be exported, converted or animated.

  • Render improvements for Advanced Outlines:
    [list][*] With ‘Fast’ parameter disabled: 55% of reduction render time

  • WIth ‘Fast’ parameter enabled: 10% of reduction render time
    ]For Importer layer, even if file is physically impossible to open, set the parameter with the passed file name. This would allow to load and
    save Synfig’s documents with paths for imported files badly adjusted but that user doesn’t want to modify.[/:m]
    ]Fix for compatibility with libpng 1.5. Patch #3427945 by SpeckFleck.[/:m]
    ]Fix bug in Time Loop Layer. Patch ID: 3414729 by Ray Frederikson[/*:m][/list:u]

Please test the Tablet support specially since I only can test it on my wacom Graphire. If there is any remaining bug, please let me know and I’ll try to fix for this release.

Also, please update your translations at Transifex. I’ve added some translatable strings with the introduction of the new parameters on the width points. Translations will be admitted until November 26th.

Thanks and enjoy!

But where can I define the Lower and Upper Boundaries?

Since “Fast” parameter is just for render, shall we move it from Param Panel, and make a “render option” in CLI and Render Dialog. I don’t think it should be an animate-able parameter either.

Attached is my version of Splash for The Amazing Advanced Outline Layer Release! Congrats !
advanced-outline.sifz (4.9 KB)

I forgot to mention that they are sub-parameters of the Composite WidthPoint, so you can find it expanding the WidthPoint item in the WPList.

I don’t think so. ‘Fast’ not only render faster but with render artifacts, so user might want to apply it only for certain Advanced Outlines and not for all of them. Other thing is to make it static by default, so user can modify it but not animate. I will do that last thing.

Good suggestion! Although I like the idea, I don’t want to betray the other potential splash designers. :frowning: Since it was decided to use same splash for the 0.63 series, it can’t be modified. I’m sorry. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about it, it is just a quick idea, and I should be make it clear in the previous post, I didn’t intend to make it as a Official Splash either. :slight_smile: it is just a gift for the Advanced Outline Layer :mrgreen:

Wait! A second release candidate is being cooked!

Have a Windows binary - … e/download

Let me know if there are any issues, but it looked like a clean compile.


Dang - I can’t keep up with Genete.
Let us know when RC2 is baked.

I’m sorry mate :blush:, I just wanted to incorporate the latest feature addition and one more bux fix. Check first post.
It is ready now on master branch. Beware that it has two new files added to build.

I like this change to splash screen too! Maybe we can afford to have such tiny change to keep users entertained? It reflects the idea of 0.63.x branch! :slight_smile:

And yes, Genete, the changes are awesome! Double thanks for “multiple vertices delete” and “keep waypoint interpolation” features! \o/

It is ok, I agree if nobody else complains :slight_smile:

i’m trying RC2, but seems like all the changes are mostly technical, i haven’t managed to crash the program, but that might be because i’m making basic projects, nevertheless, feels pretty solid

Am I dumb or I can’t find “Set side before/after” option in context menu of widthpoint anymore? … e-menu.png

My fault!
I added code to make possible to have “Edit Waypoint” contextual when right click on a WidthPoint using the position’s value desc (like done in BLinePoints) but it conflicts with the contextual menus added ad-doc for WidthPoint value descs.
I’ll remove that commit and try to find an alternative solution.
I’m sorry for the introduced bug and thanks for point it out! … aa1e25f590

My interpolation still changes when I edit a waypoint.

Try to modify the value using the duck or the parameter editor in the param panel, not directly editing the waypoint by right clicking on it.
Also, the waypoint editor dialog shouldn’t change the interpolation method if not specified. It might be another bug.
Are you using RC2?

Ah, nevemind, my bad.
What happened was that there was some vertices without waypoints in them.
All vertices that did have waypoints had linear interpolation, showing a linear icon in the vertices list parameter. With default interpolation at TCB, moving a vertex that did not already had a waypoint that got set as TCB. The vertices list icon changed to TCB, making me think the overall interpolation changed. Icon was grey though, so I should know it was mixed vertex interpolation within. Opening the vertices list showed that those with an preexisting value had not changed interpolation…


Been testing it a bit and everything seems to work except that I can’t get any pressure to work with freehand advanced outline. (or normal outline).

I havent used pressure at all in Synfig before so I’m not sure my wacom is setup properly, set everything to screen in input devices didn’t seem to help.

Great that we can delete all selected waypoints now! One step further towards a more user friendly timeline. Thank you.

If you want, I can give you some support on this:
First, when you setup the extended devices, look the names of all the devices found. Then, one by one set each wacom device to screen and disable all the rest (wacom and not wacom). Test the Draw tool and once find the one that works use it.

Thank you! I tested a bit back and forth and now it works. With all wacom devices set to screen, x-core set to off.

Awesome feature!