Synfig 0.63.01 released!

Synfig 0.63.01 has been released! Linux & Windows binaries packages are ready to download as well as tar balls.

There are still some pending things:

  • Create/publish Press Release at website. DONE (thanks Zelgadis!)
  • Spread the world.
    [*] DONE
  • Freashmeat DONE
  • Gnomefiles DONE
  • Synfig devl mailing list DONE
  • Synfig user mailing lint DONE
  • Sourceforge site page update DONE & news DONE
  • IRC topic DONE
  • Update Wikipedia DONE
  • Update Facebook/synfig DONE
    ]Update the download page with the correct links. DONE (Zelgadis)Windows link DONE (pixelgeek)[/:m]
    ]Update the front page with the new version. DONE (Zelgadis)[/:m]
    ]Build binaries packages for Windows DONE(pixelgeek) and Mac [/:m]
    ]Update the wiki with the new features and review the wiki with missing/uncomplete pages.[/:m]
    ]Start a new development cycle…[/*:m][/list:u]

Thank you very much to anyone who contributed to this new version. If there have been any missing author that I didn’t update, please let me know. Any mistake that may have happened is my fault and all the successes are thanks to all this (small but great) Synfig community.


Congratulation! thanks for your hard work.

Good job!

Awesome! :smiley:

I was going to produce an animation in Synfig Studio this morning and found there was a lovely new version to download!

I’m delighted with this new version - particularly with jcome’s new icons!

Well done everyone!!!

that was quick, i’m going to try it right now, thank you for this new release

Thanks for all the work that has gone into this new release. My computer was replaced at work so I downloaded this latest version (in windows). As mentioned above, the new icons are nice and it appears the issue of creating extra waypoints which had to be removed in the previous version has been corrected.

However, for me, it seems to be running much, much slower – especially the rendering. Here again, I have a different computer so I have too many variable to make a fair comparison.

I have attached the file. Perhaps someone can tell me their success with rendering.

CENTCOMwrite_on.sifz (11.2 KB)

@StanH I noticed the rendering seemed to be very slow too, but as I hadn’t used Synfig Studio for a few weeks I just assumed I remembered it being faster than it was.

I do see the same things of slowness here: Windows XP 0.63.01. It is needed to test it on a linux machine to see if it is a windows’s issue, computer’s issue or a bug.
Unfortunately my linux box (and the only coding computer I have) seems to die since yesterday, so I cannot hel pso much here apart of confirm the behavior.

Since this new Advanced Outline version, the interpolation betwen width points is length based. It means that there is a lof of calculations made for every single portion of outline being rendered.
The reason for that is that every time that a section of the outline is drawn it needs to calculate the interpolated width and for that it needs to place the widthpoints on its homogeneous position, calculate the interpolation and then render it. Calculate the interpolated position takes a while. If it is done for the number of widthpoint (two in your case) it is not a big deal but when you do it for each portion of outline, the thing can get worse.

Try to check the Homogeneous option on the layer. It won’t affect so much to you on the animation and might reduce the calculations to do, since the widthpoints are placed in the homogeneous space all the time and it is not needed to calculate its homogeneous position so many times.

I apologize for the situation but it looks like the code for Advanced Outline new features is not fully optimized. I hope I can fix this in future versions.

The rendering of advanced outline become slower, because of the recent modification of interpolation algorithm. This algorithm eleminates some artifacts, but takes more time to render. No optimization have been done yet.

Here’s a two same sample files to test with different versions of synfig:CENTCOMwrite_on_0.63.00.sifz (10.7 KB)CENTCOMwrite_on_0.63.01.sifz (10.7 KB)

Notice, that if you open 0.63.00.sifz file in 0.63.01, you will get fast render too, but that’s because the old algorithm is used for old files (for backwards compatibility). If you resave it as 0.63.01, close and reopen, then you will reproduce the same slowdown as with 0.63.01.sifz.

Thank you all for your informative feedback. I will run the file on a linux machine to see if similar render times occur there (and also check a 64 bit Window 7 computer). Zelgadis’ post highlighted to me the ability to save files in previous versions of synfig. (I did try to open the the 63.01 file in the previous version 63.00 and got errors—dah! But thanks to Zelgadis, now I know how to move from one version to another.)

Thanks again,

Most probably saving as 0.63.00 won’t help. I have used different way, suggested by Genete:

We’re planning do another minor release fixing that issue. As soon as genete will get his PC fixed.

Saving from 0.63.01 Synfig Studio to 0.63.00 format doesn’t work! because it is not really implemented. That drop down menu at the save as file dialogue is a fake and I should remove it. (Or implement it definetively!!!)

To effectively convert the 0.63.01 file into a 0.63.00 format (only for the width interpolation) the faster way is to:

  1. At 0.63.01 save the file as sif (not sifz). That would produce a simple text XML file.
  2. Using a ASCII text editor find:
  <layer type="advanced_outline" active="true" version="0.2" desc="centcom">

and replace it by:

  <layer type="advanced_outline" active="true" version="0.1" desc="centcom">

It would make the layer as it were created in 0.63.00 and so it will render quickly. Please make backup copies first!.

EDIT: Zelgadis procedure is similar but longer. We did that procedure this morning when trying to fix the problem and he helped me because I don’t have a linux machine here. (Nor at home at the moment :frowning:)
This one is very quick and don’t need to have 0.63.00 installed :wink:

Ah yes, I was just coming back to the forum to say the dropdowns didn’t work. I will give Genete’s method a try. Zelgadis’ procedure seems to be too advanced for me, given my limited experience with Synfig.

Thanks again,

Hi StanH,
I’ve just updated the code adding one option to render the Advanced Outlines with the old style. That will help you on speedup your workflow.
I hope that the windows binaries were released soon too.
Please see the main post for the release.