Synfig 0.63.00 Splash Screen challenge!


Here are two derivatives:

Synfig 0.63.00 Splash Screen by Razputin 5.sifz (355 KB)
Synfig 0.63.00 Splash Screen by Razputin 3.sifz (355 KB)


My vore goes to mad0. Its a nice image with good composition. The other one is also Good but the composition is not as tight and the colours are nit pistolhot well together. Also I am not too keen on the whole manga style.

Sorry for the late vote, its a holiday here and ive stayed away from computers. Writing this on my phone-puter, which is a pain…


OK, everyone are free to hate me - I’m taking the responsibility for final decision to choose the splash screen.

And the chosen one is modified version of Razputin’s splash:


Sorry for the trouble I caused!
Usually, I’m not touchy, but sometimes it comes without warning … maybe because I’m trying to stop smoking … :blush:

Thank you very much saorsa and rylleman ! and the others…
I like Synfig’s forum, and thank you genete for all the time you spend to help us !


Congratulations to Razputin and thanks to participants!
Now the release!


Wow, much happened since the last time I visited the forum. :open_mouth: I’ve been busy lately and to be honest…I also had worries if it would be wrong to submit my entry. :confused:
Well, at least I also spent some time with it. I worked on it for almost a month (sketch not included). :open_mouth: But my advantage is that I’m still in school and don’t have a full-time job. :slight_smile:
So, sorry mad0 for that and good luck at stopping smoking. :blush:

Anyway, Zelgadis, I love you for that. :mrgreen: It looks awesome. Now I see that I should have gone for something simpler. Currently I’m trying to focus on making pictures with less complexity but at the time I made my splash screen entry I really felt like exaggerating. :laughing: