Synfig 0.63.00 Released!

Finally Synfig 0.63.00 is out! Code is full ready and linux packages are created and uploaded to sf at usual place.
There are still some pending things:

  • Create/publish Press Release at website. DONE
  • Spread the world with the news using the Press Release.
    [list][*] DONE
  • Freashmeat DONE
  • Gnomefiles DONE
  • Synfig devl mailing list
  • Synfig user mailing lint
  • Sourceforge site news
  • IRC topic DONE
  • Update Wikipedia DONE
    ] Update the download page with the correct links. DONE[/:m]
    ] Update the front page with the new version. DONE[/:m]
    ] Build binaries packages for Windows DONE and Mac OS.[/:m]
    ] Update the wiki with the new features and review the wiki with missing/uncomplete pages.[/:m]
    ] Use this version in production to discover bugs or mistakes.[/:m]
    ] Start a new development cycle…[/*:m][/list:u]

At this point I would like to give thanks to all people that has contributed to the new release, specially to anyone who has participated helping users at the forums or chat. I believe that a project is nothing if there is not community around and lately ours has been reduced considerably (at last it is what I feel).

Please enjoy this new version. We are proud of it.

Binaries for Windows are built and posted.

I don’t seem to have a working login for CMS, so I can’t update the downloads page there. Maybe Zelgadis can hook me up?

We will update it… but you should have one account! I’ll give you one this afternoon.

i tried to update it this morning and found my account lost too.

Windows binaries links are updated at website.

Congratulations on the new release, guys! I haven’t been around lately thanks to a new day job but I’m itching to play around with the new improvements this summer.



Don’t miss the June challenge!

Horrah for new Synfig!
You are the best!

Congratulations, I waited this version from long time… the biggest bugs are resolved… Very good job :smiley:

Thank you very much guys. Please don’t hesitate to complain about unexpected behavior, installation issues or any kind og bug or crash. We want to always make it better and your contribution is absolutely needed.

finally got a chance to compile it… works like a dream

Congratulations to all the Synfig team.
Waiting for secondplanet success on Mac. :wink:
Thanks to ulrik for the mac built with macports. :smiley: