Synfig 0.62.02 crashes on 7


I’m trying to use the new .02 version on Seven but every things I try to do it crashes.
(e.g.: modify a BLine, Lounch a preview, …).

What can I do?


If it is under Windows try this:
Run Synfig Studio. Go to Toolbox->File->Setup dialog and in the Misc. tab be sure that “Use Only a single thread”. It it still crashing please come back here.
Good luck.



Now it seems to work properly.

Only one thing, on 7 the Tools Panel has the old style icons…!?

In attach the cmd window view…

Thanx again

Can you show a screen capture of the Tools Panel?

Strange, it looks completely “normal” on my Win 7.
But there is another thing regarding the “Single Thread” function:
I compared the performance with this function enabled to the performance with it disabled and Synfig restricted to one CPU (in the task-manager) and I noticed that Synfig runs significantly faster for me with the second option. :exclamation:
So what difference is there actually to using only one CPU or only one thread (besides the number of threads is different from the actual cores if you are lucky enough to have an i7)?


It uses only one core (there is not multicore support) but when you say use a single thread that means that each tile has to be finished before the next one is sent to the rendered. So it works slower with just one render thread but on the other hand it doesn’t crash as many as with multiple threads.