Synfig 0.62.01 Released!!

The Synfig Team is proud to announce a new version of Synfig: 0.62.01.

This new version does not feature as many major changes as the last one, but it comes with some interesting features:

  • New functionalities (rotate and scale) for the Normal tool (now called Transform tool)
  • Enable single threaded renderer for Microsoft Windows to increase stability
  • Improvements in the SVG import module
  • New target parameters dialog that allows custom codecs when rendering with ffmpeg
  • New icons for actions and layers
  • Dual Splash Screen,…

To discover them, download Synfig now!


Congratulations, Synfig team.


Great work all of you!

A little off-schedule, but you did great Genete & Team =), excelent work as always

Congratulations on the release and thanks to all who contributed!


congratulations to Genete and all the team!

Please on next release do it differently in the CMS: this time you edited the content of the articles in section “current release” (former 0.62.00), therefore the FR translation (and hopefully others on next release) remained valid… and switching to FR website would only allow you to download 0.62.00.

If, instead of editing these, you’d have made new articles, the CMS would have detected no FR translation existed and at least given the visitors the original EN page until I could find the time to make the translation.

thanks again for the amazing work you provided!

Yes I noticed it after done. I did it in a hurry and from work computer. No excuses really. Only that I wanted to not delay one hour more the release.

IMPORTANT!: Fresh new install of the Windows version doesn’t enable by default the single threaded renderer. User must go to Toolbox - >Settings ->Setup->Misc. tab -> Use Only a Single Thread.


How can I have missed this release topic for 3 days :question: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Anyway, never too late to say: Nice, Big Up Synfig Team! :mrgreen: