Switching Scenes

Hey! I haven’t really been using Synfig like I used to since January. I need to get back to animating sometime soon. :V

Anyway, I want to try making something a little complex. I’ve seen some awesome Synfig animations on YouTube, but I don’t know how to make it change scenes.

If anybody knows how to do it, please let me know.
Thank you! <3

Separating animation file is one way to separate scenes. You only need to merge them back (after exporting 'em to *.png or *.avi files) using a video editor program.

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I don’t know, it sounds kinda tedious, because I want to add music/audio to my animation.

*‘Time’ I was meant to say.

Visualization is key. Plan ahead first and execute them.

One way I’d animate scenes with sound is to manipulate my canvas time ie., change start and end time, animate the scene, again change start and end time, then animate the new scene, and so on…

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