Switch on Alpha Channel of the layer

How does a switch work.
When I change a switch value it creates a keyframe indicator with the cold diamond.
The problem is if I am switching it on and off.

16F value is on when I expect it should be off
31F value is on as expected
45F value is on when I expect it should be off

The only workaround is to put another off keyframe prior to the ON ie at 29F and 59F
Is this supposed to be how it works ?

Here is frame 15 with switch value turned off to 0

Here is frame 16 with switch value turned back to 1 for some reason no keyframe???

Here is frame 30 with switch value turned on to 1 it is obviously influencing frame 16 in a way I would not have expected it to.

I would just loose the switch altogether and change the interpolation to constant and then set the amount of the alpha channel either to 0 or 1 wherever it is needed or even better use a switch group layer. I attached a simple example with some nicely colored circles. :laughing:
switch.sifz (1.45 KB)

It looks like a bug to me.

Mr Genete I have a few more suggestions or what may be bugs.
The checkbox is some sort of grey thing on a switch. Where as a checkbox in the layers area has a check mark in it. This makes it easier to see that it’s checked. The grey/black development skin that has been chosen makes it hard to see if the switch checkbox is up or down.
Also if you have to edit a value CTRL-A does not select the whole number it does nothing that means you have to do CTRL HOME to do it which is a two handed motion instead of CTRL-A which I can do then use the number pad for typing the number. More efficient.
The new version looks good so far I’ve used it (synfig) for about 4 days. I tried the old version and working with it was so slow I immediately downloaded the Development version.
Let me know if there is a place where I can put suggestions. I won’t just suggest I’ll do screen mockups.
C and C++ are not my programming languages so I can’t really help in the dev. But my goal is to create a nice cut out animation tutorial set on youtube, because I think people would love to do the HISHE videos (how to should have ended).

Thanks for your replies all. It is appreciated.