Switch Group - Active Name Layer Problem

Morning from sunny Cape Town, South Africa…
New to using Synfig and I am busy with your tutorial, however, I have come accross a problem that I hope you can solve… I have grouped layers into Switch but cannot change the name in
Active Layer Name by double clicking - the layers beneth the top layer in my Switch folder are underlined… Your help will be greatly apprciated.

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Normally you don’t have to double-click in the Active Layer field to change the name to current layer.
It is a drop-down which could contain some empty space at the beginning, just roll down and your layers’ names should appear :slight_smile:
At first it displays , click 2 times on it, it will be fine.

Note for devs: it would be nice to be able to set Active Layer from a contextual menu on the layer in the Layers treeview :wink:

Afternoon Bob

Thanks for the welcome and feedback, unfortunately it is still not allowing me to select from the pull down menu, please check attached screen grab…

Please note that the layers below are underlined which is different to the tutorial…

Your help is greatly appreciated…



Sorry, I can’t see you image, could you please upload it again?
By the way, sometimes grabbing layers in and out switch layers could bring wrong information in it