Switch Control not Working

I have made switch controls for the eyes in the attached file. But the shapes do not change at desired angles and some shapes don’t appear at all. Can anyone please help me or point out where I am going wrong?
practicechar.sifz (8.3 KB)
^the file

It looks like some of your eye shapes have been hidden in the layer panel. Also, the z-range on the switch groups have been set higher than the number of layers contained so it shows nothing.

Just set those hidden layers to show and rotate your eye controllers clockwise a couple turns until the eyes show up again.

ok thanks! I’ll try that. Also can you check if the ‘onto’ blend method for the face is working for you? I’m not sure if its a bug or I’m going wrong somewhere. When I change it to onto, the whole group disappears.

The face(head) layer should be under the the face(face) layer, not inside it for the ‘onto’ blend method to work.

Thanks a lot It worked!

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