SWE - Synfig Web Exporter

First stage of development of the SPIDER 'S extension SWE (Synfig Web Exporter)
Features present so far:

  • Title of the scene – title of the html page
  • Recognition of the image layer (Layer Import)
  • Enable / disable layer
  • Name of the layer – html div id

Parsering on browser with javascript/jQuery

That’s freaking awesome!
What would be the final expected result? A Synfig file played by a browser? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Yeah!! :smiley:
A Synfig file translated to html, css and javascript
I forgot to say that the canvas size is translated to html too

Double-awesome dude! Horray!

Sweet indeed! Are you open sourcing the SWE itself?

BTW, it looks like your website got parked by a webhosting company.

Yeah, I’ ll open the source under free licence, probably GPL 3 :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, i don’t got time to rebuild my site. Much extra job to do :blush: :blush:
I need to put some content in it. Even if it’s origami ads for sale :confused:

How is things going with SWE? Are you still developing it?
I would love to create some banners or something with it!

Yes, so would I. And I imagine it will get very crowded around here once it’s finished!