surprisingly powerful

I was a flash user. And I was finding an open source alternative and Synfig is the closest thing to it. My first impression is that it is very different from flash. It is not anything that I was used to. It lack the good brush tool that flash has. I was a bit confused thinking that I may not be able to do much with it.

However, after reading the manuals and using it for a while. I find that it can do anything that I want to do in animation and more. The blender and tweening is much better than flash. Although I have to say flash is a bit more initiative. flash can do frame by frame animation easier with its onion skin and stuff.

I was still learning though. I hope more people could know this software.

Not clear from your message if you realized, but Synfig has support for onion skinning too. See

Glad you’re enjoying Synfig. We look forward to seeing your animations soon!